Home Painting Services – Tips For Preparing Your Walls

Home painting is a perfect way to modernize, brighten up, or even darken and freshen up your home with very little expense. This sort of project is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home, and often involves little or no cost at all. The results are amazing and often go beyond what one would expect from a simple, one-time home paint job. And while the results of a simple home paint job can be stunningly beautiful, they are also generally much cheaper than those found in high-end custom home painting studios and over-the-top home painting services. The good news is that when you do it yourself, you don’t necessarily have to go over-the-top in order to “makeover” your home!

One of the most important things to keep in mind while doing your own home painting is to stay away from too many different colors. Mixing too many colors can make the room look messy and chaotic боядисване и ремонт на входове София. It can also look somewhat fake, like a studio artist has thrown together several cans of paint. Instead, stick to two to three main color schemes, using neutral accents and coordinating accents in your design. Doing your home painting this way will not only give you a look of professionalism, but will make your home much less likely to look “homemade.”

Another key element to remember when doing your own home painting is to pre-prime the walls and baseboards before you even start. This ensures that your colors will stay on top of the surface for as long as possible, without being rubbed off. Primer comes in spray cans in different strengths, from light pink to dark blue. You should usually choose the stronger variety for home painting projects, since applying too much color can cause streaks and drips. You may even want to consider using an inexpensive primer product like Behr’s Magic Paintbox Primer, which can give you a quick, professional looking test before going out to buy more expensive primers.

When choosing paint for your project, consider what colors you will be using. It is much easier to apply paint to a wall with no texture or pattern than it is to blend two adjacent colors if you have already painted the wall a contrasting color. Also, take time to choose the right color of paint for the accents in your home painting scheme. Choose a soft neutral color for the walls, such as white, ivory or cream, instead of a bright, bold color. Switch plates in the kitchen and bathroom between dull, blue gray and bright, lime green or turquoise blue. The switches in the bathroom between shades of gray and blue will be especially stark, but there will still be a bright, cheerful tone for the overall room.

To give your home painting a polished look, finish the wall with a glossy, oil-based paint, such as Behr’s Magic Touch Primer. Behr’s Magic Touch Primer works especially well with oil-based paints, but you can also use other finishes as long as they are oil-based. Use a very thin layer of Magic Touch Primer on the bare wall. You can buff the finish and apply a coordinating siding trim if desired before painting the trim.

Behr’s Magic Touch Primer is available at most home painting services, but you can also purchase it online. This primer should last for several years, so it is not necessary to repaint each year. Applying the primer will let you choose vibrant, flattering colors for the rest of your home painting project as well as apply paint that is more consistent. You can have the same home painting services as you did with the kitchen and bathrooms, but be able to put in less prep work because the prep work is done for you.

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