How to Leverage a Weight Loss Program, 5 Ways to Turn Yourself Into a Ferocious Health Monster

“Give me a lever long enough and I could move the world.” – from Archimedes.

Me: “I would like to do that at some point”.

Response: “When?”

Me: “Ummm… soon?”.

The conversation at hand was of the topic ‘vipasinna’. Where one basically sits in silence for 10 days to quieten the mind. Clearly the words came easily, giving myself the comfort of the idea that I would do it ‘one day’. And for that moment, the idea of ‘one day’ sat well with me. It gave me the sense of gratification that I was going to take action on something at some stage. I felt committed without the commitment. I had happily tricked myself and it was like buying organic chocolate instead of a Mars Bar.

This conversation started to magnify what I was hearing in the gym too.

If only I could find the right weight loss program. I want to lose weight. I want to eat healthier. I want to stop drinking for a month. I want to exercise more. I should do this or I should do that. It’s seems as human beings we easily should all over ourselves. A common theme I was beginning to hear more and more (including my own head).

With many great intentions for a healthier existence or improvement, it is certainly a human trait for a constant tug synapse xt of war. But as long as we¬†point ourselves in the right direction, even it’s 3 steps forward and two back, we are still moving forward right? Which is better than standing on the spot.


Do you really want to lose weight? Those few extra kilos. Run a charity race? Improve your diet? Get lean this summer? Have that beach look? Run faster? Lift more? Live a healthier lifestyle? Create new habits? A life with more purpose? Be more grateful?

If you had the ultimate weight loss program, would you implement it correctly and follow it through? From my experience, it’s not the weight loss program that’s the problem, it is the person applying it.

All these wants can lead you to a healthier more vibrant self. If you answered yes to all of the above but are struggling to get there, then maybe it’s time for a different approach and get some leverage – emotional leverage, which is working for me every time.

Be careful though, as I have seen this happen quite often – A person stops questioning things too much, they stop thinking, quieten the brain and just start doing the five things I have listed in this post, and before they know it, they’ve turned themselves into a ferocious health monster!


Think about this for a moment. As human beings, we tend to move away from pain with more intention, than we do moving towards a more pleasurable experience that we want. We tend to tread water and stay in our comfort zone no mater how murky the water is, as apposed to swimming towards new waters that bring change, but along with change comes a sense of uncertainty. Usually we only start swimming when the pain becomes unbearable, or we do things without real purpose and intention behind it.

i.e. If I asked you to run 100m as fast as you can, the chances are you would do it, but not to your greatest ability. But if I pinned two dozen prime rare steak pieces all over you and let loose a ravenous pit-bull terrier that hadn’t eaten for a week, do you think you would run faster? Of course!

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