Make a Solar Water Heater at Home

With the cold and stormy weather, you would surely not want to plunge into the water without warming it up. Heating up however would without question start turning your electric meter faster and jack up your electric bill. One very practical option is to start using solar heaters to heat your water. One that you can build and set-up at home as most solar units available commercially are quite expensive and difficult to repair when necessary.

A simple and inexpensive way to make water truyền nước tại nhà warmer can easily be done in three steps:

First, construct a wood “hot box” covered by glass, this will collect the sun’s heat.

Second, set up a manifold or multiple copper water pipes dispersed inside this collector box so that the sun’s warmth gathered will heat up the water.

Third, hook the manifold outlets to a storage container, set up above the heat collector, so that the water will flow from the collector to the tank as according to the “thermosiphon principle”. This theory is based on the fact that hot water rises and cold water sinks. With this principle applied, heated liquid in the closed loop system moves up toward the elevated storage container and the cooler water flows down to the box collector to infuse more sun heat. Simple huh?

Materials cost varies and with each variation of home renewable energy there can be further economical solutions. Glass costs quite a large sum of money thus the glass panel can be substituted with old aluminum awning-type windows. If you do not have some scrap from your backyard or home, second hand panes can always be found if you look hard enough.

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