White Roofers and Their Installation Methods

White roofers are installers or advocates of the use of cool roofing. Cool roofing is the concept of installing white colored tops on houses and buildings, promoting less usage of electricity in order to cool structure. High solar reflectance employs the idea that using white on the tops of buildings during the summer months will reduce the heat that is absorbed, and prevent the house from heating up.

Of course, during the winter months, the structure or home with cool roofing will need more heat to be comfortable. Recently, the roofs do not just come in the traditional color but also in artisan couvreur Yvelines a variety of colors, even dark ones. The reflective surface of the roofing is the most important aspect, as the darker color will create more absorption of heat. This concept is ideal for states where the winters are not too cold, and the summers are very warm.

Paint and Other Materials

Of course, the simplest way to install this is to paint the roofing material white or any light color to promote high solar reflectance. White roofers have other materials that are more susceptible to reflecting sunlight, and more effective in not absorbing heat. The paint or coating is specifically designed to be reflective, and can last up to a decade or so with the right care. They are designed for roofing designs that are sloped and low. Single ply membranes are plastic materials that are heat sealed unto existing roofing materials. They are prefabricated to fit specific materials and should be fitted well to promote the concept.

Additionally, white roofers can replace the current roofing materials with high solar reflecting tiles. These are usually made of clay or concrete, and are imbued with highly reflective pigments. These come in different colors, and can reflect the sun’s rays up to 70%. Installers also recommend using metal materials for better reflectance. They are long lasting, and are also low maintenance. In fact, they can be as efficient in reflecting the sunshine as tiles.

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