Trade Show Magician – 8 Tips For Choosing a Trade Show Magician to Enhance Your ROI

A trade show magician is one of the best ways to attract a crowd, deliver your message and generate a higher ROI. In fact, trade show magicians have been around since the advent of trade show attractions – starting with the late Eddie Tullock.

The reason that trade show magic has been and still is a popular trade show attraction is simple: most people are fascinated with magic (or in my case, mind reading) and rarely get the opportunity to see it done live, done well, and by a professional. The words “done well” and especially “professional” are the key. Like singing, there are many people who can sing a song or two – just like there are many people who can do a magic trick or two. However to be able to make your entire living from doing it is another matter. You’ve got to be really good!

If you want to enlist the aid of a trade show magician or trade show mind reader to help you generate a buzz throughout the floor, attract crowds, deliver your marketing/sales messages and magicien Nice generate higher quality leads, then you want to make sure that you get the best talent to do that. Here are 8 tips to keep in mind, when evaluating trade show magicians:

1) Professional vs. Semi-Professional or Amateur

A professional is someone who earns their entire living from their business. A semi-professional only occasionally earns money from their line of work and usually has another business or employment at which they earn a living. An amateur just does it for fun.

With that said, you wouldn’t hire someone who occasionally designs and builds trade show booths to create yours, would you? Would you use a shipping company who only occasionally ships large items to transport your booth or would you use a company that specializes in that field? You wouldn’t use a person who just likes to make videos for fun to develop your corporate video. Why would you do anything less with regard to the person who is representing your exhibit at your show?

The trade show magician is the first thing that attendees will see at your booth. He or she is your spokesperson for the length of the show. That’s why you want to make sure the trade show magician is a professional in that he or she has a proven track record at working trade shows. The talent could also work other corporate events such as meetings or conferences, but he or she must have experience in working shows. In other words, you want a specialist – a professional who earns their living working for corporate clients. If the talent also works children’s birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, school assemblies, etc. – then you are looking at someone who is a generalist. As in the aforementioned illustration of an exhibit builder, shipping company or videographer, you want to hire a specialist.

2) View Demo Video, Website and Testimonial Page Carefully

Checking out a website is helpful in finding out the level of experience. (This should quickly help you come to a conclusion, as to Step 1.) When viewing the video see if your candidate has done more than a few trade shows and if the video backs up his or her claims, as to the level of experience. Some questions to ponder are: Have they worked for similar size companies? Does he or she constantly attract big crowds or is it just during the “big give away?” Is a marketing message incorporated into the presentation? Do they have a way to separate the qualified attendees from the unqualified attendees?

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