Tips for Eliminating Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

The first step to keeping your home free from bed bugs is to get rid of the pests hiding underneath your mattress. However, if bugs are already hiding in your mattress, it just means that they are already hiding on your bed posts, box spring, bed linens, carpets, clothes, and other items with small cracks and crevices. Although throwing out your mattress may seem like a logical solution, it will not really do you any good because bugs can live on the small spaces surrounding the bed itself.

Find and observe bed bugs

The first step to solving your pest problem is to make sure that it is really caused by bed bugs and not some other affliction. Once you have confirmed that you really have a bed bug problem, you have to remove your bedding and examine every single crevice, indent, or crack around your mattress and box spring. You can try looking for them during the day but it will be easier to locate them at night because that is the time when they start feeding.

Next, squish or spray the bugs upon contact. This may take lot of time because it will require you to locate every single bug. After this, wash your bed linen, pillow case, and other surrounding clothing in hot water. Since they are sensitive to extreme temperature, you can easily kill them by exposing them to no less than 120 punaises de lit 77 degrees Fahrenheit. You may also want to wash your rugs, clothes, and carpets because bugs may hide there and relocate to your mattress after a few days.

Keep your mattress bug-free

If your pest problem is small, you can sprinkle some bug powder on your bed to kill bugs before they even multiply. Steam cleaning is also a great technique because you can combine pesticide and high heat to kill these pests. For serious infestations, you may need to ask help from professional pest control companies. Although hiring someone can be expensive, you will eventually need their help if the bugs hiding in your mattress have become resistant to pesticide. Exterminators know exactly how to deal with this pest problem and they will always use the proper chemicals for doing so.

You can also try buying vinyl pillow cases, sheets, and mattresses. These new sheets and pillow cases will not kill the bugs on their own but they can trap and suffocate them when used together with the right pesticides. Bug traps are also available so you can either rent or purchase them. Some traps are also capable of detecting and eliminating bugs, which makes them ideal for sever infestations. They can also attract nymphs or adult bugs and kill them afterwards.

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